Tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0 is a mobile app made for undisputed cannabis users who want to reach new heights – just like the legendary boxer, entrepreneur, and icon Mike Tyson.

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Welcome to Tyson 2.0

  • Shop
  • Login
  • Social Wall
  • Push Notification
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Youtube
  • Blog
Cannabis brands experience a 40% increase in cart volume with mobile app

How was the Tyson 2.0 app made?

Process, features, and showcase

What is Tyson 2.0?

Tyson 2.0 is a premier cannabis company formed by legendary Mike Tyson.
Its mission is to produce innovative, high-quality cannabis products known for purity, precision, and wide accessibility.

When Mike was in his prime, he used cannabis to relax his body and focus his mind. It was always a tool close by that aided him in reaching the heights he did in his amazing boxing career.

The task

Shoutem’s task was to create a new selling and marketing channel for users of Tyson 2.0 products – mobile app.

Mobile app had to have a few main features: shop & ordering, loyalty program, news feed, option to set a Youtube channel RSS, etc.

What can a user expect from Tyson 2.0?

What are the main features of the Tyson 2.0 mobile app?
  • Login
    Email and password login, setting up an account
  • Shop
    Product categorization, information, and seamless ordering
  • News Feed
    Sharing experience through posting images, likes, and comments
  • Youtube
    Displaying videos from the official Tyson 2.0 Youtube channel
  • Blog
    Listing blog articles from the website
Brands experience a 25% increased conversion rate when compared to web browser

Ordering flow with Tyson 2.0

Cannabis D2C mobile app solution

With Shoutem and Ginger, get
  • App Design
    Creating user experience with easy app flow
  • Product Listing
    Listing all your products just as same as at your website
  • Loyalty Rewards
    Creating a system of loyalty points to collect rewards
  • Scheduled Delivery
    Ordering system that will allow you a next-day delivery
  • App publishing
    Preparing your cannabis app for both App Store and Google Play
  • App Growth
    Important keywords, strong visuals and straightforward communication

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