CLICK mobile app is an ordering D2C app for CLICK Spray and CLICK Gummy products in California.

CLICK Spray is the cannabis mouth spray with a fine, light mist and perfectly balanced formula. On the other hand, CLICK Gummy is a potent gummy that gives a full-spectrum high with delicious taste.

Mobile App As A D2C Solution
Implementing Shoutem’s app features and Ginger delivery system

App Design & UX 🎨

– User flow
– Wireframes
– Visual Desing

App Development 📱

– User-oriented features
– Easy journey
– Effortless shopping

Scheduled Delivery 🛍️

– Intuitive cart
– Straightforward ordering
– Next day delivery

Cannabis brands experience a 40% increase in cart volume with mobile app

Welcome to CLICK

  • Shop
  • Login
  • Social Wall
  • Push Notification
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Youtube
  • Blog

How did we make the CLICK app?

Process, features, and showcase

The task

The #1-selling cannabis mouth spray in California, CLICK, needed an app that would allow their loyal base to make ordering seamless, check their cart, connect with others with posts, likes and comments, watch Youtube videos, read blog articles and see CLICKs events – all from the palm of their hands.

What is CLICK?

CLICK Spray is a sublingual mouth spray and is consumed orally. But unlike tinctures, other sublinguals, or edibles, CLICK’s NanoTechnology is used to create a supremely fast-acting formula with precise dosing.

CLICK Gummy is a potent gummy that gives a full-body, full-spectrum high, and also tastes amazing. ⁠ It’s made with all-natural ingredients and high quality live rossin (and they also offer a separate and different product that uses different inputs) cannabis oil to provide an amazing experience when compared to other gummies.⁠

What can a user expect from CLICK?

What are the main features of the CLICK mobile app?
  • Login
    Email and password login, setting up an account
  • Shop
    Product categorization, information, and seamless ordering
  • Social Feed
    Sharing experience through posting images, likes, and comments
  • Youtube
    Displaying videos from the official Click Youtube channel
  • Blog
    Listing blog articles from the website
  • Events
    Date, and information about CLICK’s events it’s clients can participate in
Brands experience a 25% increased conversion rate when compared to web browser

Purchasing Flow with CLICK

Cannabis D2C mobile app solution

With Shoutem and Ginger, get
  • App Design
    Creating user experience with easy app flow
  • Product Listing
    Listing all your products just as same as at your website
  • Loyalty Rewards
    Creating a system of loyalty points to collect rewards
  • Scheduled Delivery
    Ordering system that will allow you a next-day delivery
  • App publishing
    Preparing your cannabis app for both App Store and Google Play
  • App Growth
    Important keywords, strong visuals and straightforward communication

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